Technology News: New Spectacular One plus 6T with New and Advanced Features Launched

According to recent technology reports. The Chinese smartphone firm yesterday launched the new spectacular OnePlus 6T in New York. According to the company, this is the second flagship as far as 2018 is concerned. On Monday at 11 am ET equivalent to 8:30 pm Indian standard time, the Chinese smartphone company successfully launched the new OnePlus 6Tsmartphone with new and advanced features in New York.

Considering the past smartphones launched by the company, the launch of the OnePlus 6T is the first smartphone which the company unveiled in the US. According to reports from the company, this is a breakthrough to the company since its products have now hit the universe at large.

More so, this Chinese company for some time has been signing deals with the US-based carrier known as T-Mobile for the launch of the OnePlus 6T. OnePlus 6T in New York, the company’s executives together were all expected together to grace this launching of the device in New York.

However, according to the analyst, the company has seen a window were by the smartphone would hit the US market and therefore a breakthrough in the substantial market at large in the US. On the other hand, telecom carriers have influenced the bulkiness of sale of this new smartphone greatly.

In addition to this, Verizon, on the other hand, is expected to board in the sale of the OnePlus 6T for some months. However, these companies have been on rumor mills for some time. From the reports obtained from some officials in the company, Version is the successor of the OnePlus 6T Chinese firm.

According to reports, the OnePlus 6T smartphone will start selling in India as from 1st of November this year. Nevertheless, the OnePlus 6T has also made ties with other companies like Jio and Reliance in India. And currently, Jio and OnePlus 6T plus have already launched their model referred to as Jio-OnePlus 6T which has unlocked their speed offer.

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