Exclusive Technology News: Microsoft Release New Driver and Icons and Everything Is Perfect

According to recent reports, last week as Microsoft services tottered again, Redmond gang kept themselves occupied with office whereas on the other hand Intel went ahead announcing several changes in post-Windows ten update and more so graphics drivers update which was done in October 2018. This update according to the company is available to every system across the world.

Considering the update made by Microsoft, office 365 has become more intelligent. Microsoft, on the other hand, has continually kept updating its butter and bread suit in the productivity of office 365. Microsoft has also partnered with AI in upgrade collaboration purposes.

Microsoft Office users, on the other hand, will be able to enjoy the upgraded visual studio through the use of devices in the coming years. For instance, if a user types the TODO list, then the system will automatically track down the record and then allow the user (writer) to navigate back to obtain the right spot.

This method came years after programmers discovered the AI which today has helped most developers in introducing a simpler version of the program with easy labels thanks to the artificial intelligence discovery. The AI, on the other hand, has also made programs simpler for the user to understand and made it easy for the developers when it comes to the development of the new upgraded system.

In addition to this, Microsoft has not only adopted the AI but also tipped the machine learning protocol which has made the entire firm venerable in development of PowerPoint and more so presentation builder which is incorporated in Microsoft software.

However, according to Microsoft, the AI assistance at the moment does not stretch far, considering the user presentation wind when it comes too festooned, on bullet points or pages exceeding 100 pages.

So according to Microsoft, it is not 100% sure on the AI when it comes to the audio presentation of the Cortana which should be detected once a presenter decides to pause his or her presentation through the small available electric jolt which is incorporated within the clicker.

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