Windows 10’s Edge Set to Be Replaced by Microsoft with The Chromium-Based Browser

Back in the year 2015, Microsoft went ahead and attempted to replace its aged internet explorer by the new developed Edge. This is a fast, secure and a lighter version browser which has been built in with more EdgeHTML secure rendering engine.

Adding on the earlier issues, and overreliance on the new predecessor which as seen has led into a slow adoption in the comparison in the competition which has caused Microsoft to rethink on a new approach once again on its existing Chromium browser.

In accordance to the upgrade processes in the browsers by Microsoft, Chromium as a new browser engine which is popularized with Google Chrome is also used by other browsers like Amazon, Opera due to its electric range on devices and more so its compatibility with other browsers.

Contrary, EdgeHTML not only causes a headache to users due to its constant issues, but also to web developers, whom themselves have to rethink on the tolerance it has caused when it comes to merging this browser with their programs. The developers, on the other hand, have found this to be mindshare and more so intolerable in coming up with offerings.

In addition to this, from an anonymous source inside Microsoft in a statement said that this project is set to change and that currently, Anaheim has codenamed the Chromium project. Reports show that as the newly developed Chromium-based browser is on release, it is now unpredictable whether or not Microsoft will keep or ditch the Edge browser which is currently interfaced with majority browsers.

Nevertheless, as days proceeds and the changes have been made to the browser, then Anaheim is currently on the verge of putting an end to the EdgeHTML browser and more so usher the entire company to the newly developed browser known as the Chromium.

In addition to this, Anaheim is expected to treat the website as they used to do before therefore the Google Chrome users will, therefore, rejoice using the Chromium browser. This is a new development by Microsoft which will ensure safety and easy usage to the users.



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