HTC Not Quitting the Smartphone Business

HTC is a tech company from Taiwan. The Taiwanese company has reported that it has no intention so quitting the smartphone market. This comes amid claims that the HTC is planning to leave the smartphone market. This company believes that the world of VR and the mobile devices are connected .it also considers that the VR technologies will be able to influence the development if the future mobile devices to the extent that is greater in the feature

The smartphones have become indispensable that means that the smartphones cannot be thrown away that efficiently hence the HTC company is not planning to quit the mobile business. In addition to that, the HTC company plans to release a version of the HTC U12 life with more storage and RAM in the coming end of December.

In the coming months, there will be additional smartphone models that will be added to the company’s portfolio. The company is also working on solutions for the 5H era as well as focusing on the blockchain as well as the artificial intelligence technologies that are related.

HTC companies were one of the earliest Android smartphone makers that put a greater emphasis on the exterior design as well as building quality. This was basking when the Android devices were always criticized for relying on polycarbonate as well as feeling cheap. However, the HTC smartphone business has been struggling for several years now despite it creating several new phones in the previous years.

 Even despite all this major setbacks HTC company has a notifiable android pedigree and has also been the first company to support the first Android-powered smartphones which his known as the t mobile G1 together with the nexus one which on the other hand was googled the first smartphone. According to recent reports, it is still unclear why the HTC was not able to make it rise above the other smartphone makers. However, the legacy will even go on since the market will now be introduced to a new mobile device that bears the HTC brand.

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