Immigration Rights to Territorial Asylum in The United States

Immigration Rights to Territorial Asylum in The United States

Immigrant rights advocates and attorneys denounced American President Donald Trump’s latest move Monday to restrict asylum at the southern border as the “most egregious” and “extreme” policy concentrating on the form of protection by the administration yet.

On Monday morning, the departments of Justice and Homeland Security announced that they would move to end asylum protections for most Central American migrants and other asylum-seekers coming to the southern border in the latest attempt to restrict the influx of migrant families coming to the United States.

The rule is about to publish in the Federal Register on Tuesday and would be effective immediately. It states that asylum-seekers who go through another country before reaching the U.S. and do not attempt and fail to hunt asylum there is not going to be eligible for the protection, according to an announcement from the two departments.

A few advocacy organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, quickly vowed to challenge the rule in court. In the past, federal judges have blocked other attempts by the administration to change the asylum policy, most notably the president’s effort to deny the protection to anyone who did not enter the U.S. through a legal port of entry.

Performing Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said in the statement Monday morning that the rule “will help scale back a major ‘pull’ factor driving irregular migration to the United States and enable DHS and DOJ to extra shortly and effectively course of instances originating from the southern border, leading to fewer individuals transiting via Mexico on a dangerous journey.”

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